Making It Possible For Everyone.

We have spent many hours earnestly deliberating how best to serve the trading community.

Our aim is to ensure everyone has access to Pax, whilst also enabling Pax to provide the best possible service without diluting the message.

Below is our solution, we sincerely hope you stay with us and find the value you seek.

If you are a US Military Veteran or Active Duty or US based First Responder, please contact us and provide a copy of your CAC, DD214, Department or Agency I.D for a 1 month free trial and 20% off all memberships for life.

All memberships are on a rolling Monthly basis from the date of sign up.

Any membership upgrade within 2 weeks of purchase will receive a full refund of previous membership.

Tier 1 - $49 per month.
Members will receive:
- Access to a “Voice Chat” for the live morning brief and “General Text” room.

- Pax’s daily morning trade plan for ES, Nasdaq Crude and Gold.
- Intraday updates from Pax as needed.
- Regular live conversations with Pax’s mentor Judd and other experienced traders.

Tier 2 - $199 per month.
Members will receive:
- All of the above PLUS
- Pax’s live trades called in a “Live Trade Voice” room.

Tier 3 - $499 per month.
Members will receive:
- All of the above PLUS
- Trade focused Group mentoring sessions Monday & Thursday for 60-90 minutes.

1 on 1 Mentoring
Contact Us for more information.


8:00.A.M CST
Live morning brief in Voice Chat. - All Tiers.

8:25.A.M CST
Live trading in Live Trade Voice. - Tier 2 & 3.

11:00.A.M CST
Downtime (Pax may not be here during this time)

2.00.P.M CST
Live trading continues in Live Trade Voice. - Tier 2 & 3.

3:30.P.M CST
Post-market round up in General Voice. - All Tiers.

30 minute break.

4:30.P.M CST - Monday & Thursday (Tues, Wed & Fri - 1 on 1 Mentoring)
60 - 90 mins Group Mentoring. - Tier 3 Only

6:00.P.M CST
End of Day.

By subscribing to any of the membership packages offered on this website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.