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If you are a US Military Veteran or Active Duty or US based First Responder, please contact us and provide a copy of your CAC, DD214, Department or Agency I.D for a 2 week free trial and 20% off all memberships for life.

Any membership upgrade within 2 weeks of purchase will receive a full refund of previous membership.


Members will receive:
- Access to a “Voice Chat” for the live morning brief and “General Text” room.
- Pax’s daily morning trade plan for ES, NQ, RTY, CL, GC & the 30-year via email.
- Intraday updates from Pax where possible.
- Regular live conversations with Pax’s mentor Judd and other experienced traders.

Members will receive:
- All of the above PLUS
- Pax’s live trades called in a “Live Trade Voice” room.

Members will receive:
- All of the above PLUS
- Group Mentoring sessions Monday & Thursday for 90+ minutes.

Mentees will receive:
1:1 mentoring is customized to the needs of each mentee.

Pax will discuss where you are in your journey as a trader and build around you. You will dive deeper into the methodology of the Opening Range Breakout trade and move on to more complex applications of the method based on your current understanding and the learning curve you take during the mentorship.

Most importantly you will be able to able to ask all your questions in a controlled, confidential and safe space. Pax will dissect your trades, work to eliminate bad habits and increase the frequency of good habits.

The outcome will always be in your hands but the goal of your mentoring sessions is to give you the best possible chance at a faster and smoother road to success.

The mentoring program is based over 1 month, includes an initial 30-minute consultation and Three 60 - 90 minute 1:1's per month.

1-on-1 Mentoring includes Tier 3 membership.

In total you will receive:
Pax's live trades throughout regular trading hours.
Access to group mentoring sessions.
Three 1 on 1 mentoring sessions per month.

As a U.S based Veteran, on Active Duty or a First Responder you receive 20% off any and all Pax Group services for life.
Please contact us before signing up.

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