The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.

As a group we spend a lot of time working on the space between our ears, because our trading is so closely linked to our mindset.

We have therefore decided to dedicate some space and time every Wednesday for a mindfulness session, led by Dani Sittloh of https://www.lightlovegratitude.com/

A note from Dani.

It is through the act of mindfulness, the individual is able to create awareness in his/her/their thoughts, words and actions. This awareness holds space and creates space for intuitive, selective decisions and willingness to trust. Please join us at 6:30AM Chicago, every Wednesday for a 30min pre-market session including such tools as guided meditations, mantras/affirmations, gratitude awareness, intention setting and journal entries.

Mindfulness - the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something
Meditation - the act or practice of thought and awareness of space between thoughts
Affirmation - word or phrase of encouragement and support
Mantra - repeated affirmation to motivate, inspire and aid in concentration
Gratitude - emotion expressing appreciation for what one has
Practice of Gratitude - time taken to notice, feel and reflect upon being thankful for experiences, opportunities, challenges, all living and non living things and people

In lieu of our mindfulness journey together, I would love for you to start with a few daily exercises before we meet next Wednesday. Beyond the ask below, this is a way for you to become aware and connected to where you are at in the present moment and to meet yourSELF there without judgement, with full acceptance and understanding.

Write down (can be typed - personally, over the last 10years, I have found it easier to build consistency/rituals in this way when I send myself emails):

3 things, places, experience, animals and/or people you are grateful for.
The most important piece here is to recognize how gratitude feels in the mind body spirit.
Be sure to take a moment to bask in your gratitude for each item on your list.

3 intentions for the day.
Intentions are similar to goals yet without any emotional attachment.
Look over your intentions at the end of the day.
If there were some, one, two unmet, ask yourSELF were they realistic to start?
The idea is to set yourSELF up for success
(ie one intention can certainly be; write 3 things I am grateful for)

1 small act of kindness - for yourSELF, family member, friend, acquaintance, stranger or a pet.

There is no right or wrong. Do what resonates with you. These are tools that have supported me throughout the years and have created beautiful shifts in my life and in my own being.

Should you have any questions, feel free contact us.

Trade Well. Be Well.
Light Love + Gratitude, Dani

Although this is a service for Pax Group members we implore you to look inwards to find the success you seek!