But this time, the story has a different ending.

For years traders have been seeking the holy grail. This pursuit has lead to thousands of strategies, indicators, theories and methods. Some work, most don’t. This is NOT an indicator trap!

Human nature is such that people search for that one thing, that one magic indicator or chart. The reality however, is that there is no such thing as a silver bullet!

This relentless search for the perfect trade methodology leads traders round in circles until they either blow their account, give up or both.

- How much is it worth to have a mentor that can help keep you accountable?
- How much is it worth to have a mentor that can keep you from blowing up your account?

Here at The Pax Group we use one time tested strategy that has rewarded traders for decades.

The true Opening Range.

If you follow the Pax’s guidance, you can break free from the cycle of blow outs and failure.