Where It All Began.

Our Opening Range trade methodology was developed over 50 years ago by commodity traders in the Meat pits of the CME & the Grain pits of the CBOT.

The Opening Range is used everyday by the CME Group, signed off by the Pit Committee and still to this day, called out by the compliance officer each morning.

Old time Pit traders used the Opening Range as a breakout methodology and still do today.

We Keep Things Simple.

Here at The Pax Group we trade and teach this methodology across all asset classes, including Equity Indices, Bonds, Currencies, Gold and Commodities. It's clear, simple and effective.

Pax has been trading this strategy since 1998, and will teach it to you.

Benefits of the strategy:

- Eliminate the fear of failure and eliminate the guess work.
- Ensure you never miss big moves.
- Never taking undue risk.

“It's such a great feeling to get paid so quickly and then be able to relax, I feel the stress dissolve almost immediately.”

Daily Executions With A Global Macro View.

We focus on the market not the execution screen.

We trade price and capital flow.

We focus on the distance traveled NOT time in the trade.

We use our initial profit as our risk capital to protect our initial balance.

Each day we build positions with substantial upside potential; using strict risk management we follow the capital flow over multiple days, weeks and even months.

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